Friday, 1 February 2013

This week all of Preschool has continued to explore what we need in order to grow big, healthy, strong and smart. We found out that it is very important to move and exercise and together we did some fun exercises during the preschool assembly. The children were very excited to move like snakes, monkeys, frogs and many other animals! We shared some cupcakes made by Preschool2 children to both strengthen the friendship between the children and remind ourselves that food like cupcakes stand at the top of the food pyramid and, therefore, we should eat just a little bit of it.:) On Friday morning we went to the gym to watch and listen to some students from the Latvian Academy of Music performing different musical instruments. Since these students will teach how to play these instruments to children from older grades, in future we look forward to hearing them more. 

This week the Preschool2 children have worked on the food pyramid. The children have coloured in, cut out and looked for different kinds of food in magazines. Then, together, we all discussed where the items stand on the pyramid and we added them on to the display board.  The children also explored  the concept of healthy food by discussing about how much of it we should eat (the most, in between the most and the least, or just a little bit). The children did a great job of writing the categories for all the different foods on our food pyramid. We also asked the children about what their and their parent’s favourite food is and whether they can identify if it is healthy or not. It turned out that the majority of preschool families have very healthy eating habits!:)

During the week the Preschool 1 children focussed on good health and exercise and they chose specific exercises that they would like to lead during circle time and PE.  Our exercise monkey book was a lot of fun to colour and compile for the children to apply and revisit.  The group also discussed the concept of friendship and engaged in activities where they identify their own friends and friendships.  The Preschool 1 Children had an opportunity to participate in an orchestra during music class! Ms Ruta conducted in different volumes and groupings (bells, xylophones, shakers, triangle and tubes) and we learned to identify when, and how loud their group should play.  The children also took part in acting out a bear or rabbit roles during music.

This week Toddlers continued to discuss healthy eating habits. They worked on creating their very own apples by painting and lacing them. They practiced the famous saying in English: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”
Toddlers also worked on recognizing the differences between the boys and girls by reading different books, sorting photos, creating posters, colouring pictures with boys and girls and creating their very own boys and girls.
During outside time all children enjoyed exploring the different textures of snow, ice and water!

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