Friday, 8 February 2013

Let's Grow Together!

 The preschool groups have been enthusiastic during this past week in both indoor and outdoor activities.  There have been discussions regarding love and friendships and during the Wednesday Preschool Assembly the children joined together links to form a colourful friendship chain to acknowledge their amity and togetherness.  To celebrate the 100th day of school the Preschool 1 children taught their ‘’monkey exercises’’ to the Preschool 2 and Toddlers!  The Preschool 2 children led the counting to 100! song so that we could begin to understand the concept of larger numbers and of the time that we have already spent at ISR this school year!  

The Toddlers created a big poster by sorting and colouring pictures of boys and girls. They also have been busy sharing their love by cutting small and big hearts out of paper, painting them, making paper collages and sticking their hearts around the Preschool halls! They definitely have improved their cutting skills through these tasks as well as learned to find differences between small and big sized things in their surroundings and the world around us J

The Preschool 1 children have been continuing their work on their I am growing book which presents them with the opportunity for children to identify the stark difference of being a small baby to, now, being a tall Preschooler.  We once were small, and now we are tall... Let’s grow Together! We have: compared our hand print to that of a baby; identified our very own baby picture; described our family members and what makes our family unit; understood how old we are, and what our favorite color, food, animal and interests are; learned about the food pyramid and the importance of a balanced meal, rest, play and good hygiene; as well as recognized and verbalized our friendships with others.  We look forward to sharing our unique book with our friends and family!

In Arts, the Preschool 2 children cut people figures out of paper and attached legs and arms that could move. They each had a turn to demonstrate a movement and the rest of the children repeated the movement with their little paper puppet. The children came up with some really fun movements! This week the children also worked on understanding the concepts of direction and position, such as: on; under; above etc. They were asked to place a self-made plasticine lollipop in a variety of positions/directions and photos were taken of them in action. They did some writing afterwards. You are welcome to take a look at these projects on the display in our classroom.

Finally, the Preschool children really enjoyed participating in the grade 4 assembly where they learned some Bolliwood dance moves.  During the week we have also enjoyed playing outside and observing the sunrays bursting through the clouds!  

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