Friday, 11 January 2013

Let's Grow Together!

Happy New Year and welcome back to ISR!

Now that our Winter Break is over we are ready to start to explore our PYP Unit of Inquiry (UoI) Let’s Grow Together!  This unit the Transdisciplinary theme: Who we are.

The central idea of the unit is: Children need to fulfil a variety of needs to grow.

 The lines of inquiry include:
-          Daily habits and routines (hygiene, sleep, exercise, play, eating);
-          Balanced choices and their consequences;
-          Growth and development; and
-          Love and friendship            
On Wednesday we had an assembly for the children where Ms Sarmīte was welcomed by all the children as our special guest.  We compared tummies and discovered that Ms Sarmīte's tummy was different from the rest.  The children learned about a baby growing inside of her stomach!  Matīss also shared with the group that over the winter break his mummy, Ms Ieva, gave birth to a little baby brother!  Congratulations! We were all once babies and now we are growing!

This week the Toddlers focused on shapes, particularly the circle.

The Preschool 1 and 2  children have begun to create and work on a book I Am Growing.  Thank you to all families that have already provided baby photos of your child.

Finally, this week we also had a very large snow fall and the children really enjoyed looking at snowflakes under a magnifying glass, building snowballs and snow people, making snow angels, pulling one another on the sleds, running and falling in the snow, and helping the groundkeeper with clearing the snow from the pathways!  What great helpers!


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