Friday, 25 January 2013

January 21th-25th

The Preschool 1 children focused on the details of the food pyramid and pieced together a puzzle outlining the different proportions of a suggested healthy diet.  The children worked on their My Healthy Dinner activity that allowed them to use this new information to make a balanced choice when filling their plates with breads and grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and sweets!   The children also differentiated vegetable from fruits during the IT lesson, danced to I Like to Move It! Move It during PE, and coloured and cut-out a lunch box and filled it with yummy fruit during Arts.  We have also enjoyed breathing in fresh air during some of our outside times!

The Preschool 1 and some of the preschool 2 children began work on the Foundation Phonics SfA (Success for All) programme.  The SfA helper Alphie, a friendly and knowledgeable crocodile puppet, helped introduce the two first sounds: ‘m’, the man marching on mountains; and ‘a’ Alphie asks for apples!  The children did very well and surprised Alphie with their great listening and thinking skills!

This week Preschool continued to explore the Unit of Inquiry ,,Let’s Grow Together’’:

Toddlers learned about healthy eating habits and how to stay healthy, choosing daily food, which helps them to grow up big and strong! During circle time they also shared their stories what they like to eat for breakfast. It was great to see them all working on project ,,I like to eat…’’ where the little ones could tell about their favorite food. 

We also continued to talk about babies. During our Preschool assembly we had a special visitor – Ms Evita (Raimond’s mommy) who brought her little 10 months old baby girl Laima and shared photos that showed how she and Raimonds have grown month by month. In connection with this visit Toddlers worked on their own projects about babies – learning what do they need to grow up – clothes, food and, of course, love! We also learned some lullabies that help babies fall asleep!

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