Friday, 14 December 2012

December 3-14

The last two weeks we have in a spirit of the up-coming Winter celebrations. We have been busy preparing for the Winter festival show and making presents for our dear families. We have made decorations for the both Christmas trees at school as well as decorating our classrooms. The children have listened to some nice stories and watched a couple of Christmas-y movies. We have enjoyed the snow during outside times a lot! The excitement for children reached its’ higher point on Friday when Santa visited each of the classrooms. The children sang the songs they performed in the Winter festival to Santa and were so happy to get presents! We finished the day by enjoying some cookies children decorated in the morning as well as some other sweets.
The Preschool 1 children enjoyed a lovely snowy week!  We painted and glued snowflakes; matched Christmas trees and gifts at IT; worked on drawing a My Turn Your Turn Santa Clause; and finally, practiced and performed our little elf poem and dance in the Winter Festival:
Tapping, tapping, little elves,
As we work upon our shelves,
Working hard to make some toys,
All for the little girls and boys!

We wish wonderful holidays to everyone and see you the next year!

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