Friday, 5 October 2012

October 1-5

Toddlers have been busy exploring  different Fall treasures - chesnuts, leaves, acorns, etc. Little Toddlers were so brave going on a walking adventure  together with all the other Preschoolers at the Open Air Museum.  They enjoyed a wonderful, sunny day filled with free explorations out in the nature!

Preschool 1 have been learning about the rectangle and how it looks different from a square, circle and triangle.  We also experimented with this theme in Art class by drawing many rectangles, one  in another, with pastels and then provided the shape with depth through the use of watercolours.  We enjoyed reading We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzgter and Leo Lionni’s fable Swimmy and Fish Is Fish.  The children practiced their cutting skills and made colourful links for a long chain for an anchor that we added to the Preschool Ship!!  The field trip to the Open Air Museum was fun and children enjoyed seeing many different interesting old buildings (garage, church, fisherman’s house, windmill) and boats. We also congratulated our classmate on his fourth birthday – Happy Birthday Wolf!

In Preschool2, we have worked on our final Baltic Wonders posters: we have been talking what lives in the Baltic Sea and what trees grow in Latvia (we have seen a lot of birch trees and pine trees in the forest!). In SfA, we have started to “stretch-and-read’ that means reading short 3 sound words. The children have been so proud they can actually read! We read the book ‘Inch by Inch” by Leo Leoni with mis Legzdina, and the children wanted to know exactly how big an inch is. So we decided to go to the Math teacher Mis Carbajall; it turned out that an inch is pretty small in the end. The children suggested to us to do some more measuring in the classroom which we are planning to do next week.

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