Friday, 12 October 2012

Baltic Wonders!

This week brings us to a close for our first Unit of Inquiry (UoI) Baltic Wonders! during which the Preschool children have been exploring the sea’s properties, coastal environment, and learned about different types of recreational activities.  

During the week the Toddlers worked on developing their self-help skills, especially when it came to taking care of their toys and belongings. The children worked on cleaning-up every time they had finished one activity and were preparing for the next one. The Preschool 1 children were great at showing a good example to the little ones.  During the Library lesson Miss Legzdina read a story about Fall.  Toddlers also enjoyed playing a game about the leaves and pretending to be blown by the wind and covered by a big colourful maple leaf!

The Preschool 1 children spent the week completing and reviewing their Baltic Wonders! book which incorporates themes from the UoI, the four basic shapes (circle, square, triangle and rectangle), and lots of exciting vocabulary!  The children also demonstrated their thinking skills by reflecting on the details they have learned during these past months.  I am a Happy Fisherman, along with many other songs and dances, were again enjoyed by all of the Preschool 1 children this week!  We identified that fish like Cod, Sprat, Flounder, and Smelt live in the Baltic Sea.

The Preschool 2 children finished the UoI Baltic Wonders! by sharing our posters that presented what lives in the Baltic sea and what grows in the coastal area. The children worked in pairs and were really proud of the big job they had done! We also went on a field trip to the forest where we met with people from “Latvijas Meži” and attached some birdhouses on trees. The children helped to carry the birdhouses and were really excited that some birds might settle in there in spring! In SfA, we started the Stretch-and-count activity where the children have to listen to all the sounds in words and count them on their fingers. It is quite a challenge for us!

Finally, children demonstrated their knowledge about the Baltic Wonders! UoI in a YES or NO game!  Do sharks and crocodiles live in the Baltic Sea?  What type of trees grown on the coast?  What are some of the things we can find on our local beaches and what fun games and activities can we take part in?

We look forward to our new UoI, Puppets and Plays!, that will begin already on Monday 15th October!

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