Friday, 28 September 2012

September 24-29

"Oh, no! Here come toddlers with their dirty hands!". J This could be the line of the week as little ones had been busy playing with sand and water (goop), finding shells, sticks and whatever else in it. During their free choice play time they also had a chance to look for coins hidden in the play-dough. It has been a week full of surprises and fun.
Preschool 1 enjoyed taking a walking field trip to the river Daugava.  There we observed the water, ships, sailboats, seagulls, ducks, and appreciated the rare roses still in bloom!  The weather was pleasant and on the walk we stopped under an oak tree to sing a song about acorns and even collected pocketfulls of acorns from the ground!  The preschool 1 children continued to learn about the basic shapes and created colourful smooth, rough, sparkly and soft squares in Art with Ms. Valda.  Some of the books we enjoyed included: Commotion in the Ocean by Gilles Andreae and David Wojtowycz; Goldfish by Raintree; and One to Ten and Back Again by Nick Sharratt and Sue Heap. During the week there were many opportunities to sing songs relating to the Baltic Wonders! theme and some of the songs included: I Am a Happy Fisherman; Slippery Fish; and I Have a Tiny Turtle.
In Preschool 2, we had some discussions earlier in the school year about why we need to wash our hands regularly even if they seem clean and the students just kept wondering - why? Therefore, we went to the Science room to look in the microscope to discover what germs look like! Miss Maria added some pink colour so that when we looked at the germs we could see them immediately because they all looked pink! In the book, Miss Ieva read to us, germs were all the different colours and shapes but all of them were really ugly… We also have started to read our Beach Book and talk about similarities and differences between various beaches, activities one can do at the beach and safety measures people need to take while enjoying activities in the water. Thank you for your help in making the pages for the book with your child! On Thursday, we had our second field trip to the forest and we all truly enjoyed it! The children had free play time in the beginning. After lunch, we split into two groups and while the first group went for an expedition in woods with Lauma and Aija, the other group did some drawing with Anna and Zinta; then the groups swapped. We had a light snack right before going back to school.

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