Friday, 21 September 2012

September 17-21

The preschool groups have continued to explore the sea’s properties, sea life, and details of the coastal environment.  The newest addition is a wonderful boat that has sailed into the Preschool area and the Preschool 2 children have done a splendid job in painting the vessel blue and creating and mounting a white rectangular sail!

Preschool 1 and 2 have two new classmates, brothers. Welcome, Ivan and Pavel! Next week, however, Preschool 2 will have to say good-bye to Annika.  We will miss you, Annika!

The Preschool 2 group worked on making lighthouses and spoke about what they are for. The children had many ideas of what is inside of a lighthouse: starting with the Big bad wolf and fish, and finishing with a person who has a computer so that he could better watch the boats so that they would be safe. Preschool 2 have also started the SfA program and have already gone through the first four sounds: /m/, /a/, /s/ and /d/. The students have also stated to practice to work together with a partner which is often a challenging thing to learn.

During the week the Preschool 1 children reviewed the circle and the square.  The children started to look for triangle shapes relating to the Baltic Wonders theme such as spotting triangular sails on sail boats and triangular flags.  The children are also starting to recognize these different shapes in their own environment.  The Very Silly Shark, by Jack Tickle, has introduced various sea life to the Preschool 1 children including the dolphin, shark, octopus, crab, swordfish, turtle and seahorse.  In the past two weeks the group has already celebrated two birthdays!  Oliver and Maxim are 4 years old!  Congratulations!

The Toddler group has also welcomed a new Toddler student Konstance. We are happy to have you Konstance! During this week toddlers worked on the arts project ,,Deep Under the Sea’’. What fun it is to be like a little artist! Painting, gluing and such joy creating artwork!

We are looking forward to what next week brings!

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