Friday, 14 September 2012

September 10 - 14

This week preschool children have been busy exploring, observing and learning about the environment around them. A lot of new exciting and wonderful memories have been created. One of the highlights of this week has been Laurie Berkner song and dance "The Goldfish". Children loved to pretend they are fish swimming in the sea.

Toddlers enjoyed playing with water and boats as well as exploring various kinds of artifacts from Baltic beach like pebbles, shells, sticks, sand. On Wednesday aftternoon Henry's mom came and read one of Henry's favourite books "The Pout - Pout Fish" by Deborah Diesen. Little ones enjoyed having a visitor! Thank you, Jennifer :)

The main focus for the Preschool 1 children this week was the SQUARE.  The shape appeared in several projects, art work and circle time.  They also enjoyed singing and dancing along to the nursery rhyme: I Am A Happy Fisherman!

In Preschool2, the event of the week has been going on the fieldtrip to the woods. The children learned how to be good friends to the forest by being caring to nature. We had so much fun running and climbing up hills and trees, exploring the insects and mushrooms. We also listened to the various sounds we can hear in a forest as well as tried to determine how the forest smells. Really looking forward to the next visit to the forest in just 2 weeks! And this week we also went on a walking fieldtrip to Daugava to observe the environment near the river.

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