Friday, 31 August 2012

Preschool August 27-31 2012

During the past week the Preschool children were introduced to a new friend Swimmy, a fish that has come to visit us from far far away.  Swimmy has travelled through many bodies of water and, on its way, has also seen different sea’s properties, coastal environments, and different types of recreational activities that take place in these places.  The preschool children will also be exploring these topics in this Unit of Inquiry: BALTIC WONDERS!
This unit will offer a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore, inquire about, and share their own personal experiences.  We have already started this sharing this week.

On Thursday the group took a trip to Saulkrasti, Baltā Kāpa, where we all looked for treasure and observed things such as: sand; sticks; stones; seaweed; pine trees and pine cones; salt water; wind; different sounds the sea makes; waves; a river; and a board walk.  We enjoyed song, dance, and story time too!

Friday wrapped up with a fun sausage sizzle and this was a lovely opportunity for the children and their families to relax and enjoy the ISR community with teachers and other staff members.

Finally, this week: Toddlers have been expanding the length of their school day step by step; Preschool 1 children have been demonstrating that they are helpful and caring to each other in all kinds of activities; and Preschool 2 have already celebrated two birthdays since the beginning of school!  We are looking forward to the next weeks ahead!

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