Friday, 8 June 2012

Preschool May 28th - June 8th 2012

Over the past two weeks the Preschool groups have been enjoying the fresh spring air and have been engaging in observing plants and how they change over time.  

The Toddlers have taken such good care of the seeds they have planted and some of the seedlings are already transforming into magic beanstalks!
The Preschool 1 children have been discussing and engaging in activities involving different types of flowers as well as creating very long number caterpillars!
The Preschool 2 children have been continuing their work in recording information in their surroundings and have been very busy creating their portfolios!

The weather was perfect on the day of our field trip to the LU Botanical Gardens and this experience presented children and teachers with an opportunity to admire, be curious of, and explore the gifts the nature around us presents.  We spotted so many different types of flowers and particularly enjoyed the famous rhododendrons of various colours in full bloom!  The children expressed their curiosity as they walked past flower beds that only had short sprouts poking out of the soil.  They wondered what type of flowers will these still hidden plants share in the future?! 

The preschool 1 and preschool 2 children also participated in a Success for All (SfA) Alphie Party and enjoyed the letter cookies they prepared earlier that day.  Each participant received an Alphie certificate congratulating students on completing this year’s SfA  work!  Well done!

This has been a busy time, however, we are looking forward to next week’s Sports Day (Monday); our next field trip planned for the VakarbuΔΌΔΌi beach on Tuesday June 12th; Jani on Thursday, with all families welcome; and finally, our last day of school on Friday June 15th!  How quickly time flies when your having fun!

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