Friday, 18 May 2012

Sprouting Up! May 14th-18th 2012

This week has been an exciting continuation of our Sprouting Up unit of inquiry and the preschool children are demonstrating an understanding, and recognizing, that plants change as they grow.  The seeds and bulbs that the children planted a few weeks ago have sprouted, grown leaves, and are stretching up and up.  We are waiting, in anticipation, for some of the plants to form buds and flower!

The preschool 2 group continues to fill in the How tall are the plants chart, and the preschool 1 children are also beginning to find answers for the What I Know, and What I want to Know chart.  Toddlers are exploring the way that their lawn is changing over time and are recognizing the vast difference of what nature brings to us from winter to spring!

Some of the younger children joined the preschool 2 group in a still life art session where sunflowers, tulips, poppies and other colourful flowers were presented in a lovely tall vase.  Children worked with oil pastels on paper to present what they saw in the model.  The preschool 1 children enjoyed making their very own rainbow garden, inspired by one of our favourite books Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.

The Family Day Concert was yet another highlight of the week where the children filled the main hallway with lovely songs for their loved ones.  Some of the songs included: Spring is Here!, Family song, Everything Grows, Bringing home a baby Bumble Bee (crocodile, dinosaur, and grizzly bear!), Mr Sun.  Children worked with commitment and pride to demonstrate their very own family portrait.  These lovely works of art can be enjoyed by everyone in the preschool stairwell.  We hope that you have enjoyed this concert and the yummy cookies and beautiful gifts that they children have prepared for you!

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