Friday, 20 April 2012

Preschool 1 April 16-20

This week we have begun our new Unit of Inquiry, Sprouting Up!, and the preschool children have been exploring soil, seeds, sun and water.  We have been listing the things we already know about plants as well as identifying details we would still like to learn including: what are the different parts of plants?; do plants need rain and what happens when they do not have it?; where do seeds come from?; do the same plants grow in all parts of the world?
At the beginning of this week we decorated the tree in the staircase with lovely pink flowers that we prepared with glue and tissue paper.  We planted seeds and have been observing how quickly they are germinating and coming up!  During our outside time we have been looking for evidence of spring and identifying buds on bushes, small blades of grass, crocuses, blue bells and other early signs of spring.  We took a walking field trip to the Exhibition to observe many trees, flowers, flower bulbs, and tractors for sale!
In Art class the children have been working with water colours on pastels creating spring scenes and during the IT class the children have also been exploring the new unit with games and songs.  Children enjoyed Lois Ehlert’s Planting a Rainbow, and searching for books related to spring and previous units, during the Library lesson this week.  Show-and-Tell has continued throughout the week and the children are really enjoying this type of sharing.
We are all looking forward to the warm sun to help our plants grow healthy and strong!

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