Monday, 12 March 2012

Preschool 2

We had 3 cat visitors during the cat week: Bella, Isaac and Peaches.  The children learned that cats are very curious as all the three visitors would walk around the room sniffing and looking at everything.  Bella was the youngest and smallest and we learned that she was an abandoned cat that the owner took home from the street.  This information gave us rich food for a discussion about peoples’ responsibility towards pets. Bella was friendly and the children took a chance to feed and stroke her.  Isaac and Peaches were shyer than Bella and looked for a quiet place to observe their surroundings. The children learned how to brush a cat and where cats go when they need to go to the toilet. They could also compare the size of the cats as Isaac was much bigger than Peaches. The children all agreed that Bella was the smallest of them all. The children also learned that cats lead different lives: some of them live only indoors while others use a cat flap and live inside and outdoors.  What is very important to mention is that, similar to dogs, cats need love and care. During this week the children made and drew their own cats as well as pretended to act like cats!  This was great fun!

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