Monday, 5 March 2012

Preschool 2

We have had a very busy first week of our new Unit of Inquiry “Here, Kity, Kity!”. On Monday, Miss Ieva’s dog Reina visited us and, besides having a lot of fun, we learned a few new things about dogs.  The children had a chance to pet and feed the dog. On Tuesday, we went on a walking fieldtrip to Olympia to the Pet shop. The children explored the pets and all the different items people need in order to take appropriate care of pets.  Children found many items/objects in the store and asked what they were meant for. The staff at the Dino Zoo were very welcoming and understanding and we even managed to take a few pictures. During our visit we also did some shopping for pet food and toys and we had great fun trying them in the Gym. The children were very eager to explore the pet food and they initiated a play where they pretended to be Zoo keepers and they fed the soft toy pets we have in the classroom. We also celebrated two birthdays this week which has been a nice addition to a friendly spirit in Preschool2!

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