Monday, 19 March 2012

Preschool 1 (March 12th-16th)

This week the preschool 1 children have been learning about birds that live at home, as pets, as well as those that live in the wild and fend for themselves.  Among the birds we discussed include: parakeets, parrots, chickens, ducks, geese, swans, crowns, robins, cardinals, eagles, Green Jays, Fairy Bluebirds, emus, snowy owls, and the albatross.
We took a lovely walk around the neighbourhood and looked for animals that people may keep at home as pets.  Among the animals we came across were dogs, one crow, many ducks, six pigeons, and a cat!
The children discussed the similarities (two eyes, one tail, one tongue, they both drink water) and the many differences between cats and birds.  Next week we are interested in exploring the commonalities and differences between birds and hamsters!
The children continue to share information with their classmates about their own pets in a show-and-tell activity.  We are also enjoying books that incorporate the weekly theme.
Identifying, learning and working with different patterns  (through art, music, and in maths) is an activity that we are engaging in.  On Friday, the children threaded noodles and shamrock leaves in lovely St. Patrick’s ornaments that have decorated our room in a festive atmosphere!

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