Monday, 19 March 2012

Preschool 1 (March 12th-16th)

This week the preschool 1 children have been learning about birds that live at home, as pets, as well as those that live in the wild and fend for themselves.  Among the birds we discussed include: parakeets, parrots, chickens, ducks, geese, swans, crowns, robins, cardinals, eagles, Green Jays, Fairy Bluebirds, emus, snowy owls, and the albatross.
We took a lovely walk around the neighbourhood and looked for animals that people may keep at home as pets.  Among the animals we came across were dogs, one crow, many ducks, six pigeons, and a cat!
The children discussed the similarities (two eyes, one tail, one tongue, they both drink water) and the many differences between cats and birds.  Next week we are interested in exploring the commonalities and differences between birds and hamsters!
The children continue to share information with their classmates about their own pets in a show-and-tell activity.  We are also enjoying books that incorporate the weekly theme.
Identifying, learning and working with different patterns  (through art, music, and in maths) is an activity that we are engaging in.  On Friday, the children threaded noodles and shamrock leaves in lovely St. Patrick’s ornaments that have decorated our room in a festive atmosphere!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Preschool 2

We had 3 cat visitors during the cat week: Bella, Isaac and Peaches.  The children learned that cats are very curious as all the three visitors would walk around the room sniffing and looking at everything.  Bella was the youngest and smallest and we learned that she was an abandoned cat that the owner took home from the street.  This information gave us rich food for a discussion about peoples’ responsibility towards pets. Bella was friendly and the children took a chance to feed and stroke her.  Isaac and Peaches were shyer than Bella and looked for a quiet place to observe their surroundings. The children learned how to brush a cat and where cats go when they need to go to the toilet. They could also compare the size of the cats as Isaac was much bigger than Peaches. The children all agreed that Bella was the smallest of them all. The children also learned that cats lead different lives: some of them live only indoors while others use a cat flap and live inside and outdoors.  What is very important to mention is that, similar to dogs, cats need love and care. During this week the children made and drew their own cats as well as pretended to act like cats!  This was great fun!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Preschool 1

Our week has been filled with many meows!  Cats, as pets, were our main focus this week and we even enjoyed a visit from a real live kitten!  We discovered how different types of foods pets enjoy including: meat for dogs and cats; seeds for birds; grass and pellets for rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs; fish food flakes, plants, and small insects for fish , frogs, and turtles; and hay, grass, and even sugar cubes for horses!  
Through the use of a Venn diagram the students discussed the similarities and differences between cats and dogs (in this case the Venn diagram had two circles overlapping and the middle, joined, space displayed commonalities between the two topics, dogs and cats, represented by the circles).
Finally, we have been continuing work on our unit book, My Book About Pets, and children have been practicing their counting, cutting, pasting, colouring, and sorting skills.  In our maths session we have introduced the concept of patterns and children have been provided many opportunities to work on patterning activities.  Next week we are looking forward to chirping and singing like birds!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Preschool 1

Last week (February 27th-March 2nd) we began exploring our new Unit of Inquiry, Hey Kitty Kitty!  Each week we will be looking at a different pet and our main theme for the week was DOGS.  During this time we discussed many different things about dogs including: what do they look like; how many legs do they have; how many ears, eyes, and noses do they have; what are the things that they need in order to be happy, healthy and safe; how can we help dogs; and what do they like to eat? 
We were introduced to Miss. Ieva’s dog, Reina, and we all learned about how we should behave around dogs and how we should treat them.  We learned that Reina could be a mother one day in the future.  She also has ten nipples that she will be able to feed her puppies with!
During the week we engaged in many activities revolving around this theme including: colouring, cutting and pasting dogs; matching baby animals to their mothers; role play with dog food, cages, leads and toys; creating two and three dimensional dogs; counting and sorting; and enjoying many books, informational and narrative, regarding dogs and related topics.
The week was a great success and we are looking forward to exploring this week’s theme: CATS!

Preschool 2

We have had a very busy first week of our new Unit of Inquiry “Here, Kity, Kity!”. On Monday, Miss Ieva’s dog Reina visited us and, besides having a lot of fun, we learned a few new things about dogs.  The children had a chance to pet and feed the dog. On Tuesday, we went on a walking fieldtrip to Olympia to the Pet shop. The children explored the pets and all the different items people need in order to take appropriate care of pets.  Children found many items/objects in the store and asked what they were meant for. The staff at the Dino Zoo were very welcoming and understanding and we even managed to take a few pictures. During our visit we also did some shopping for pet food and toys and we had great fun trying them in the Gym. The children were very eager to explore the pet food and they initiated a play where they pretended to be Zoo keepers and they fed the soft toy pets we have in the classroom. We also celebrated two birthdays this week which has been a nice addition to a friendly spirit in Preschool2!