Monday, 27 February 2012

Preschool 1 (February 13th-17th)

Among the many professions, or Jobs That People Do, that we discussed, in the week of February 13-17, included: ballet dancers, chimney sweepers, restaurant workers (waiters, waitresses, doorpersons), people who deliver mail, nurses, doctors, and veterinary doctors.  We examined different tools and equipment that may be used in the doctor’s office or hospital including: a stethoscope, bandages, medicine, syringe, vile, thermometer, rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol wipes, masks, tongue presser, tweezers, mirror and other hand held tools.

The children continued their maths skills by sorting different objects and matching them to the correct digits.  We have continued to review our shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle and square, and have now also introduced the oval!

During this week we have also enjoyed a whimsical field trip to DzeguÅūkalns for sledging!  The weather was comfortable with not one gust of wind.  The snow was soft, fluffy and light and the children were energetic and real risk-takers!  It was absolutely PERFECT!

Next week there will be no classes due to the ski break (February 20-24), however, upon our return on February 27th we will already begin our next Unit of Inquiry: Here, Kitty, Kitty! 
Wishing all of you a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Preschool 1 February 6-10

The past few weeks have been filled with many interesting activities and field trips, all relating to our unit of inquiry, Jobs That People Do!

In the previous weeks we have enjoyed learning about the many different jobs that people do in the school environment. We also had a visit from a hairdresser.  This week we were thrilled to participate in two extremely interesting field trips! The first was to the airport where we learned about the many different areas people work in.  Where do people purchase their tickets if they would like to travel to a different city or country? How and where can they check in their baggage?  We experienced what it means to go through the security area, hop on an airport transfer bus, and even see and play next to, and under, a REAL old airplane!  SUPER!

Our second field trip was to the Fire Station on Slokas Street.  The fire fighters gave us a tour of their station and spoke to us about the sports activities they are involved in to stay fit and healthy. We not only saw their night time area of rest, but we counted the beds too –  All twelve of them!  We covered our ears when we heard the three various loud sirens: one was the electric siren alerting the fire fighters of an emergency; the second was a very big manual copper bell used in instances when the electric bell is out of order; and finally, the third, the loudest of all, was the siren on the top of the fire truck! That was REALLY LOUD!  The Preschool 1 Children were risk-takers and tried sitting on the top, sides and even the driver’s seat of the big red truck!  It was quite amazing to see how a normally dressed man transformed into a fire fighter with his heavy (16kg) protective gear; bright yellow boots, jacket, overalls, gloves, and helmet all protecting him from the heat.  Finally he covered his face with a special mask that protects him in a smoky and toxic environment.  This trip was FANTASTIC!

                                                       Preschool 1 visits the Fire station!                                                       
                                                             We counted all 12 beds!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Preschool 2

During the past two weeks we have learned what being a fire fighter is all about, talked about how airports work and completed our projects showing what jobs the Pre 2 children would like to do when they grow up. We also talked about fire safety and practiced the “Stop! Drop! Roll!” activity. We were able to go on two fieldtrips last week: one was to the fire station and the other to Riga airport.  The children were able to recall their own prior visits to the airport and also gained some new knowledge by learning, for example that there is a fire station at the airport and seeing the airplane that firefighters use to practice extinguishing potential fires at the airport. At the fire station, apart from seeing and being able to climb in the fire truck, the children learned how firefighters spend their time when not on duty. The next day all the children drew wonderful pictures that will be delivered to the firefighters. The fire station staff was very kind and helpful and we all felt very welcome there! On Wednesday, we celebrated the 100th day of school by counting 100 food items and lacing them on a necklace. The items were counted by tens.  Then on Friday, we had a Skype conference with a Kg class from the International School of Brussels where our ex colleague Mr. David works. They will have their 100th day of school next week.  Our children counted 100 building bricks and built a city while the children from Brussels put together a chain from 100 links. They also taught us how to count by fives and twos! On top of all that the children practiced their presentations for the PST conferences. Now we are looking forward to our last week for this UOI, during which we will focus on what doctors and dentists do. We will also have fun on a sledging field trip to Dzeguzkalns on Tuesday.