Sunday, 29 January 2012

Preschool 2

During the last two weeks we have been visiting people who work at ISR to learn more about their jobs, and we also had some of our parents visit and share what they do with us.  Mr. Renars visited first and helped us assemble a cleaning trolley and then we went to explore his two “secret” rooms. The children learned that his job is “fixing things at school”. We also visited the school office to find out more about what happens there: Miss Zinta “takes care of various documents and meets new families joining the school”. The office is the also the workday home for Miss Julija and Miss Ginta, both of whom take care of the “school’s money”.  We were impressed with how many different custom stamps they have in the office! The children also learned more about our librarian’s job.  As mentioned above, we have also had parents come in and share what they do, and it truly has been a lot of fun! The children had a chance to visit an osteopath and also graduate from a university (we had real graduation caps and diplomas) as well as become familiar with what a manager in a famous cosmetics company does. And then to top it all off, we went on a fieldtrip to the donut shop “Ze Donats”. The fieldtrip was set up by one of our parents – thank you very much! The children had a chance to decorate their own doughnut by dipping it in frosting first and then putting on sprinkles. They also visited the donut shop’s kitchen and were allowed to go behind the counter where all the colorful and appetizing doughnuts are displayed. And, of course, what would a visit to a place like that be without eating the yummy doughnuts? The children learned that the people who work at the doughnut shop all do different jobs: cooks make the doughnuts, sales clerks sell them, others deliver the ingredients, and bookkeepers count the money that comes in from selling the doughnuts.  Thanks to everybody who is helping to make this UOI so much fun!        

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